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Latest Releases

These Versions are currently under development at TU Braunschweig. They contain a lot of bugfixes and new features.


  • 2.3.TU-BS-2014-11-05: Improved Peak Detection filter
  • 2.3.TU-BS-2014-10-09: Changed to C++11 and made peak detection multi-threaded for speed-up
  • 2.3.TU-BS-2014-10-02: Allows weighting RI and Spectrum scores.
  • 2.3.TU-BS-2014-09-30: Easier settings for performance, allows to control the number of CPU cores and thus memory consumption for batch tasks (compound detection etc.)
  • 2.3.TU-BS-2014-07-02: Improved automatic detection for memory consumption and performance for large files
  • 2.3.TU-BS-2014-06-18: Additional settings to control memory consumption and performance for large files
  • 2.3.TU-BS-2014-05-30: 64 bit and GCxGC support
    - 64 bit build for Linux which allows using more than 4GB of memory
    - Option to allow detection of the same library compound several times, to be used in GCxGC
    - Much faster reaction when selecting Compounds in the plot
  • 2.2.N-2013-01-15: Better error handling and logging, improved archive export of Batch-Quantification
  • 2.2.N-2013-01-07: Peak Detection:
    - New Option: Target Peak Re-Detection to improve sensitivity and spectrum quality
    - New Option: Filtering for peak sharpness
    - Changed internal algorithm for better identification between samples
  • 2.2.N-2012-11-15: Quantification
    - Improved quantification algorithm. Integrals are now more intuitive.
    - Library-Editor is faster
  • 2.2.N-2012-10-17: Maintenance
    - Improved performance when loading library for Identification
    - Fixed memory-leak in library editor
    - Fixed unexpected behaviour when performing batch-identification with the setting "Original Library" for reference
  • 2.2.N-2012-08-08: Major refactoring, removing lots of bugs, crashes and memory leaks, but some advanced features are currently inactive.
    - More consistent data (what you see matches what the program uses for calculations)
    - Removed bugs during compound identification
    - Removed bugs during calculation of spectrum-score
    - Improved parallelization
    - Batch-Results can now be filtered for reproducibility live in the results panel
    - Improved assignement of automatic quantification ions
    - Batch-Result now distinguishes between compound not found in sample (NULL) and compound beeing found, but not having a value for the quantification ion ( 0 )
    - Export of the target-library, that is created during untargeted batch analysis (via "export to archive" in batch result panel)
  • 2.1.N-2012-03-02: Made export of warnings after batch optional
  • 2.1.N-2012-02-29:
    - Fixed a crash during targeted batch analysis
    - Updated Windows-Version to QT 4.8.0
  • 2.1.N-2012-02-16: Fixed a bug in Chromatogram-Alignment during RI-Calibration