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MetaboliteDetector is available for 32 bit and 64 bit Linux operating systems.

The latest stable builds of the TU Braunschweig MetaboliteDetector branch are available for Linux.

The sample data package contains some files to try out MetaboliteDetector. It contains chromatograms from a standard polar metabolite extract of a mammalian cell line and chomatograms from a stable isotope labeling experiment. Two reference libraries with spectra of TMS- and TBDMS-derivatized metabolites for compound identification are included as well.

For Ubuntu 18.04: MetaboliteDetector - 3.3

For Ubuntu 20.04: MetaboliteDetector - 3.3


  • Determination of mass isotopomer distributions of stable isotope labeled compounds
  • Boxplots of batch quantification results
  • ANOVA and T-Test functions
  • NIST search functionality
  • Show current Library in Statusbar
  • Save used Regex
  • Show Deconvolution-Settings under GCMS info
  • fixed some wrong behavior

Here can you download the Appimage of MetaboliteDetector. Just make it executable and run it!